I’m Eric Ryan Jones

Career Coaching | Leadership-Team Coaching

Stop Struggling!

Does your organization struggle to move forward?

  • Employees or teams who cannot collaborate?
  • Leaders, who struggle to keep staff?
  • Frustrations between the Business and IT departments?
  • Unmotivated staff or high turnover?

Is your career struggling?

  • Are you just starting your career?
  • Are you looking to make a career transition?
  • Are you struggling to get the next promotion or just looking to advance your career? 


Every person, organization, and business is different.

So why shouldn’t your coaching be any different?

We customize our coaching to meet you or your organization where they are and ensure the journey goes where you need it.


People are complex, different, and let’s face it sometimes difficult.

Every day we navigate relationships with spouses or significant others, family, friends, and our kids.

We can help you communicate better, and understand one another more clearly.

Better Experiences

Better experiences start with understanding the motivations behind individuals and organizations.

We show you what really motivates you and your staff and then help you to apply it to everything.


Navigating all these changes can be difficult, so we partner with you every step of the way. 

Control through understanding.

We don’t just equip you with the right tools needed, but we also help you manage it, keep it focused and ensure you stay aligned for the future.

Why Coffee Cup Coaching?

Many of our clients have found our style very approachable. They say it feels like two friends having a casual conversation over coffee. Conversations flow from topic to topic and may loop back around over time. The goal is always to go where you need to go in the conversation, in order to get the help and guidance you deserve.

Is Coaching For Me?

Of course, it’s for you! Coaching is for everyone who wants to improve and be better than they were before. The real question is Coffee Cup Coaching for you? That answer comes from experience and why we offer a free 30 min initial coaching session to make sure you and I are a good fit and aligned on your needs, goals, and desires for improvement.

What Is The Process Like?

Everyone’s journey is different but we all follow a similar plan. Our process starts with a quick call so we can ensure you’re a M.A.T.C.H. and then we determine what kind of coaching schedule will work best for you. From there it’s just following your plan and doing the work needed. Our process is unique to you so let’s get together and find out how we can help you!

1. Let's chat to see if you are a M.A.T.C.H.

We want to ensure that Coffee Cup Coaching will work for you, we want to ensure you are a M.A.T.C.H.

Motivated – Is this something you want or something people are telling you to get? We can work either way but it’s clear we understand your motivations for coaching.

Authentic – Are you ready to be authentic not just with me but with yourself? We will uncover things about you that you either didn’t realize or were ignoring but you will face them either way.

Truthful – What story are you telling yourself? What story are you telling others? Are you being truthful with yourself and those around you? Can you handle hearing the truth even when it goes against the story you are telling?

Coachable – Not everyone is coachable. You have to be willing to adapt and try new things. Look at situations from different angles and maybe even use new words. 

Honest – None of this will work if you can’t be honest with me, or yourself. This just isn’t about the truthful conversation but also about full transparency in your conversations. Holding back, or not providing the information is just as bad as lying.

2. Enroll in a program

Depending on your schedule, your goals, and needs we can either develop a custom program for you or you can choose a pre-determined package. Our M.A.T.C.H. call will help us to make this decision together. 

3. Do the work!

We will have scheduled coaching sessions and between those sessions, you’ll have homework. It’s vital that you do the work between sessions to ensure our time is as focused and effective as possible

4. Accomplish Your Goal!

At the end of your program, we’ll assess your progress and look over everything you’ve learned and done. We’ll celebrate your success and even provide you with continuing actions you can take solo or with us helping you along. 

5. Join our community & keep growing!

Our community allows you to interact with others who’ve taken one of our programs and get continual coaching from us for any future needs at a discount! (launching Late 2022)

About Me

Hey there!  I’m Eric, Chief Caffeine Addict for our home and your humble coach. So some facts about me:

  1. I’m a husband to an amazing Mom
  2. I’m a father to two amazing girls
  3. I’m a geek/nerd
  4. I’ve transitioned between 4 different roles (not promotions but different types of jobs)
  5. I’ve worked in over a dozen various industries
  6. I’m a personality test junkie

Most importantly, I’ve been helping people like you experience better lives, careers, and relationships for over 10 years.

So hit the orange button below, and let’s get to know each other and get you on a better journey! 


“My time with Eric helped me break a job pattern that prevented me from advancing my career.”

JC - Early Career Client


“Eric is a great sounding board when I either need clarity or clarification on a new idea.”

BB - Newly Minted Solopreneur


“Moving across the country was hard enough, and finding a new job in a new city was difficult! Thanks to Eric’s guidance and coaching I landed a great job where I’m valued for my skills and paid at a level I wasn’t able to obtain in the past!”

LA - Career Advancement


Still Have Questions?